Our firm was estabilished in 1990, like a business concern, then we become an Ltd. in 1999.
Our activity is non-ferrous metals moulding, especially aluminium, copper and brass moulding. We can divide the completion of the moldings for three main parts:
  1. Conventional sand-casting which can provides discrete and standardized productions from the simpler pieces to the complicated ones. For example those mouldings which can made with or without core, from the several decagramed pieces to the heavyest ones.
  2. The other part of the producing of the mouldings is the conventional chill-moulding, which aims at the producing of the machine parts and a lot of different mouldings. In our task you can find the easyer and smaller mouldings, as well as the bigger and labor-intensive pieces. During the chill-mouldings we create those kind of pieces which needs heat treatment after it. Within the chill-moulding you can find the radial-casting which permites the 20-30 kg-s castings preparation.
  3. Machine pressured moulding, which we does with a tipe 100, and a tipe 400 machines. At the moment a tipe 660 machine is proceeded.